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Exploring the theme of the 'Hidden Life of Everyday Objects', our creative team was asked to design an entertainment concept for young children aged 3-5 years who would be attending the Art Basel Hong Kong Exhibition. I designed an 'interactive' animated story, in which our main character retraces his steps searching for his beloved teddy-bear, who has been on lots of adventures looking at and finding lots of things in his room, the garden, beach and even at a restaurant!  We layered sound effects and auditory soundscapes in the background as our performers interacted with the stage to create greater narrative immersion for our young audience. Now, where is that bear?

Client: UBS (For Art Basel Hong Kong)

Art Direction: Claire O'Brien

Installation, Illustration and Animation Design of an interactive story based on a child's journey to become reunited with his teddy bear.

Script written and performed by Daryl Walker.

As part of the immersive nature of the space design, I illustrated a decal wrap to cover the wall into which the animated screen was set. During performance breaks, we played thematic motion loops featuring elements from the story.

Script written and performed by Daryl Walker.

Wall Decal Wrap